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Mission Discovery
International Space & STEM Summer Schools

Open to 14 - 18 years olds all over the world.

The Mission Discovery Summer School invites you to do something extraordinary.

There is no selection process, giving everyone equal opportunity to get involved 🙌


Mission Discovery invites students from every corner of the world to spend a week working in teams, under the guidance of NASA astronauts, NASA personnel, rocket scientists and world-renowned professors. The goal is to design an experiment, which could benefit the human race, whether it is on Earth, the Space Station, the Moon, Mars or beyond.

With the help from our brilliant NASA role models, students will finish the week by presenting their idea to the Mission Discovery judges. The best experiment is selected, built at NASA and launched to the International Space Station (ISS) to be conducted by the astronauts on board.

The majority of students come on their own and form quick long lasting friendships. We welcome groups big or small, just let us know ✨

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King's College London

10th - 14th July, 2023

Join our flagship camp at King's College London

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Dates TBC

What participants had to say

The most welcoming, fascinating and challenging (in a good way) experience ever! Impossible to sum up.

Grazia, Hawthorn High School

Thank you so much. It really was a great week and I'll always remember it. I've made international friends who I still talk to daily.

Nicholas, Banbridge Academy

A typical week

Throughout the week you will hear a variety of talks from our experts, based on a range of themes including team building, leadership, space, the sciences and personal development.

Your team will be assigned its own Mission Discovery mentor to help you every step of the way.

Just like the makings of any astronaut crew, the days focus is on bringing you together. By the end of day 1, you and your team will be functioning as an elite unit.

Now you’re ready to take on your first space mission. We introduce you to the design brief. You and your space squad will work quickly to pull together ideas.

Let’s finalise those ideas and work out how your experiment is going to work in microgravity.

You’ve done it, look how far you’ve come in only 4 days. Your experiment is ready for lift off! Let’s turn your incredible work into a presentation and get you prepped for the final tomorrow.

All the hard work is done, now it's time to present your idea to our friendly judges and accept your Mission Completion certificate and awards at the Mission Discovery closing ceremony. YOU DID IT 🤩

Typical Team Members

17 astronauts have led Mission Discovery, along with top NASA leaders and world renowned scientists. Choose your Mission to see who you’ll be teaming up with.

Sarah Murray - NASA Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program / STEM Outreach

Sarah Murray

NASA Leader

Dr. Steve Swanson

NASA Astronaut & ISS Commander

Nicole Stott

NASA Astronaut

Dr. Michael Foale

NASA Astronaut & ISS Commander

Barbara Morgan

NASA Astronaut

NASA astronaut Tony Antonelli is the Director of Advanced Programs for the Civil Space line of business for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

Tony Antonelli

NASA Astronaut & Space Shuttle Pilot

ISSET and Launch Prize lead Space Scientist Julie Keeble. Julie is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology at King's College London

Dr Julie Keeble

ISSET Chief Space Scientist

Prof. Steve Harridge

Professor of Human & Applied Physiology at King's College London

Dr Hannah Wilson from King's College London is currently working on experiments bound for the International Space Station, she will be part of the team that build successful experiments and launch them to the Space Station.

Dr Hannah Wilson

ISSET Lead Space Scientist

A word from Astronaut Ken Ham

60+ Student Experiments

On the Space Station 🛰

We've had various astronauts work on Mission Discovery experiments on the ISS, including Major Tim Peake

Choose Your Mission 🚀

King's College London

10h - 14th July, 2023

Join our flagship camp at King's College London

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Dates TBC