Turn Your Ambitions
into Reality

At a Mission Discovery summer school
NASA STEM Summer School

Open to: 14 - 18 year olds

Mission Discovery - 5 Day Summer School

The best thing you will ever do.

Archie, Fullbrook School

It was simply brilliant.
I learned so much & it didn’t feel like school!

Joanna, Stamford School

What you will gain 💫

Our team of 'rocket stars' will take you on a thrilling journey that will inspire and motivate you like never before.

Boost confidence and exceed limits with an extraordinary journey.

Gain wisdom from NASA astronauts and brilliant experts, inspiring and guiding your path.

Develop teamwork, innovation, leadership, and more for future success.

Dive into captivating scientific challenges, discovering the secrets of the universe.

Strengthen university applications and stand out from the crowd.

Collaborate with like-minded peers, forming lifelong friendships.

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