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Space Camp @ the University of Oxford 📍

Dates: 8th - 12th April 2024

Oxford City Hall

Age: 7-11 year olds

Space Camp made me realise that there are really exciting opportunities out there if you want them. 

Victoria, particpant

Space Camps have been a great way to inspire young people, they've brought a new lease of motivation and achievement to our children. 

Bernard Whittingham, Schools Senior Adviser

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Why Space Camp?

  • Learn with real life astronauts

  • Develop teamwork skills

  • Inspire a love for science & STEM

  • Build and launch rockets

  • Take part in exciting daily challenges

  • Make lifelong friends
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Space Camp Activities 💫

🚀 Work alongside real astronauts to build and launch your own model rocket!

📩 Design a cosmic post card, we'll send it to space and you'll receive it back to your home address as a special keepsake!

🛰 Discover all the secrets of living onboard the International Space Station from a real astronaut!

🤘 Together, we'll explore all the mind-blowing details about NASA's latest rocket that's taking astronauts to the Moon & Mars!

👽 Design and build a futuristic Martian colony. You'll be a real space architect!

 👩‍🚀 Space missions are all about teamwork. Take on fun daily challenges with your new friends and become a space hero!

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